Expertise in large risks

With 853 kilometres of coastline, the maritime industry is the bedrock of the Nigerian economy.

Our established Marine underwriting partners offer traditional and specialised reinsurance products with a focus on Hull, Cargo, Liability, and other specialized marine lines. We endeavour to gain the best understanding of each client’s business to deliver an optimum and customized reinsurance solution that best fits the client’s reinsurance needs. Significant volumes of goods are imported and exported on a variety of marine vessels every year.

YOA Re provides reinsurance cover for the following marine lines:

Cargo - Transport of goods by air, land or sea including species, jeweller’s block, cash in transit and fine art, including exhibitions.

Hull - Ranging from small leisure craft and fishing vessels to large tankers and cruise ships.

Marine Liability - Legal liability encountered by shipowners, freight forwarders, charterers, port authorities or warehouse operators. It also includes Protection & Indemnity (P&I) business.

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